Friday, January 27, 2012

Holy where has the time gone?

I can't believe May was my last post.....seriously fail at this blog posting stuff!

Well, quick update, Nyah is in ballet and loving life. She has her first recital and isn't shy at all, just plays to the crowd and is happy in front of as many people as possible. She did soccer during the summer and loved it as well. She is so outgoing and loves to be the center of attention. Shocker for those who know her I'm sure! Saibra is starting to be stubborn and loudspoken. She follows Nyah everywhere, which in turn causes a fight because Nyah does not like to be followed. However, when Nyah isn't around, Saibra is the sweetest and most helpful little girl ever. She should have been an only child!

We are expecting our third little one in July....kind of still in shock but obviously it's supposed to happen. Nyah wants a brother, Saibra said "I want mine to be a girl and I will call her Sally". Sally is still to be decided upon as is the gender of this baby. We are keeping busy (hence the lack of blog posts) and enjoying our friends and family so much. Hopefully one of these days I will be completely caught up on here.....the internet will probably crash on that day from shock!

Here's to next time!!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Some day......

Some day I will have the pictures I have taken edited and post worthy.

Some day I will post pictures of my girls.

Some day I will have my blog completely caught up.

Some day it will stop raining and snowing.

Some day we will finally get to play outside.

Some day my foot will get better and I will be able to run again.

Some day we will have a better car.

Some day we will have our own place.

Some day I will understand the trials my family goes through.

Some day I'm going to have to be an adult and go to bed before 4 in the morning.

Until then...................

Saturday, October 2, 2010

An old blog I meant to post but never did......

Over the last couple of months, we have celebrated the 4th of July, had lots of birthdays (including mine), fished, camped, and played like crazy! (Pictures to come????) Over my birthday weekend, we went to the Utah State Fair with my sister, her sweet Hallie girl, Briana and Scott. We had so much fun, ate WAY too much and of course were reminded how trendy a mullet truly is!!! I was lame and didn't take my camera to the fair (for several reasons) but, we hung out in Evanston for a bit with my family so of course I got a few pictures of my girls!! Oh to be young and carefree again and not 28!!! (tear for how old I am)

We also decided to go golfing. When I say we, I mean Cliff and Nyah golfed. Saibra went around picking up the golf balls and I took pictures. I do have to say that Nyah is getting pretty good!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Internet on my phone has taken over.

I am so thankfull for technology! After living in St. Kitts for 2 years where texting is the coolest thing you can do on your phone, I've kind of become addicted to having internet on my phone. Email automatically downloads, facebook pulls up in an instant.... The downside to that......This is the first time I've been on a computer in probably 3 or 4 months. It doesn't help that Cliff always has his laptop studying so I dred getting out this laptop with the black strip down the center because the pixels in the screen have gone bad. But, the fact that I got it out of storage is promising so look forward to some upcoming posts.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So funny I almost "Peed" my pants.

I haven't posted anything forever but this is too great not to share. We are in Wyoming, my brother is here with his kids so Nyah and Saibra are having so much fun with their cousins.

Yesterday Nyah was in the backyard playing. I looked out and she had her pants down around her ankles and she was squatting in the sand box. I ran out and asked her what the heck she was doing and she said "I needed to go potty". I tried not to laugh and asked if she had peed her pants and she replied with "No, it's right there" (pointing to the wet spot in the sand box) I guess she was having way too much fun to bothered with trivial things such as peeing in the toilet. Oh to be a three year old!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Does Hannah Montana actually live in Montana???

Oh I'm sure my little Hannah Montana lovin 3 year old wishes!
In February we made the long trip to Montana to see Grandma and Grandpa "with the puppies" (my girls have 7 Grandmas...we have to keep them straight some how) The girls had a blast which is more than I can say for the cats I'm sure. Anytime a cat was spotted the girls would run frantically, hoping for a quick snag.

Nyah also decided to do some painting. Grandma and Grandpa added on to their house and there was a paintbrush (with wet paint) sitting out. Why not put it to good use I'm sure Nyah thought, so she tried her artwork out on one of the walls. It wouldn't have been so bad if she would have painted the one wall with the dark burgundy paint from which the paint brush came, but instead...why not paint the light pink wall with the burgundy right?

Luckily there was one big distraction that both of the girls loved!! The HORSES!!!! Grandma Peggy with the puppies was nice enough to endure the cold and winey children who hate being bundled up....long enough to take both little darlings on a winter wonderland horse ride. Ok, so Saibra only lasted to the road and back but Nyah is die hard and went on what I would consider a rather lengthy ride for as cold as it was. I was informed that it wasn't long enough for her though. Oh well, I can only allow her to get frostbite so much until I'm considered by some to be a horrible mother. :)

We really had tons of fun and Cliff got to go to the hospital everyday and scrub in on surgeries with his dad. Maybe all of this moving and being broke stuff might work out in the end and he will be scrubbing in/performing surgeries all on his own......ahhh here's to that day and to our cute little girls who keep us oh so very busy!!! Love them!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Seriously She's 3....

I am so behind on Posting!! For a brief update, we moved from Maine and are having a fantastic time staying with family in Wyoming/Utah and soon to be Montana. More on this later....I just realized we've been so busy that I didn't post anything for My sweet Nyah Jane's birthday!!!!

She turned 3 can you believe it? I can't, I swear she acts like a 15 year old at times!!! For example, one day we were in Bed Bath and Beyond with my sister and her and Nyah were holding hands. Nyah looked up at Laura and said..."I feel like we're best friends"!! Everyday this little girl amazed me! Here are some of the many things we love about Nyah!!

*She is always willing to give you a hug
*She LOVES her sister
*She loves her cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpas (you get the idea, she loves her family)
*She loves Barbies, Babies, playing dress up, tea parties, and all wonderful pink and girly things!!
*She loves to sing and dance and can do a mean Hannah Montana Hoedown throwdown!!!
*she knows her primary songs, numbers, alphabet, colors and of course words that a 3 year old shouldn't know like "I'm gonna kick your butt"
*She is always willing to help, you just have to know how to nudge her the right way!
*She is a DAREDEVIL, nothing scares her which gets her into trouble at times!
*She makes us laugh EVERYDAY!
*She is a beautiful little girl! I love her golden locks, big brown eyes and EVERYTHING ABOUT HER!!!